Handcrafted Large Bird - Cherry

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These birds are designed to hang from the ceiling and this one has a 97cm (38") wingspans. The birds are made to fly by a gentle pull on the hand made lace bobbin that hangs from the body. They are of a stylised form based on the seagull and were inspired by the book 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' by Richard Bach.

Each set of wings is cut from a solid piece of hard wood that has been seasoned for up to three years. Each bird is hand carved from solid wood, not steam bent, so that the lines of the grain follow the contours of the wing. The wings are smoothed and the top of the wings chamfered to the back edge to give a more realistic and pleasing effect. The body is sanded in a similar way using various grades of abrasive paper. Each pair of wings is then individually balanced with the body as each bird has it's own weight and characteristics. A lacquer is brushed on to seal the grain and after further sanding a wax polish is applied to finish the bird.

This one is made of Cherry wood.